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Criteria for Evaluation

The jury will evaluate cases and teaching notes based on the following criteria:

  • Content:
      • The case should address a rich and current managerial issue or concern.
      • The case should contain themes that will afford a rich class discussion.
      • The case should provide a historical perspective to the issue at hand, including pertinent information about the background of the company/ decision and pertinent strategic events.
      • The case should present a clear decision focus faced by the manager(s) of the company.

  • Form: Presentation of content is given equal importance in the evaluation:
      • Style of writing: The case should be well-written.  An interesting narrative must emerge as one reads the case.
      • Clarity and Presentation of data: The case should provide students with an appropriate amount of useful information and data to help them make decisions.
      • The case must adhere to the Editorial Guidelines

  • Teaching Note: A good teaching note contains:
      • Clear teaching objectives
      • Indication of level of analysis (MBA,  Executive Education programme)
      • Suggested student assignment
      • Suggested additional readings or references
      • Possible discussion questions
      • Potential uses of the case
      • Analysis
      • Suggested teaching approach
      • Audiovisual support material (where applicable)
      • Proposed session plan

Note: Equal importance will be given to the case and the teaching note.

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