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ISB-Ivey Case Writing Workshop 2013

Creating an environment for writing India-specific cases
ISB-Ivey case workshops have helped train over 350 management faculty and PhD scholars in the art of writing and teaching cases. We invite you to take part in our upcoming ISB-Ivey Case Writing Workshop from May 4-6, 2013 at ISB Mohali.

We organize the Case Writing Workshop so that authors are exposed to global standards in case writing, enabling them to chronicle and communicate India’s complex management cases.

- Professor Arun Pereira
Executive Director, CTLC, ISB

The MBA classroom has progressively moved from being lecture-based to one that is more student-centered and
participant-oriented. Internationally, case studies have become a preferred form of teaching as students demand an active role in their own learning. Cases that help students emulate the role of a practicing manager and provide a forum for exciting class discussion, are increasingly becoming popular with teachers and students.

Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Case Development (CTLC) is focused on facilitating teaching excellence in the classroom...
Dr Ariff Kachra is the Assistant Professor of Strategy and General Management at Richard Ivey School of Business.
Successful completion of the ISB-Ivey Case Writing Workshop 2013, which was held from May 4-6 at ISB’s Mohali campus.

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