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A sports jamboree owned by the students/Alumni/Faculty, managed by the students and watched by the whole world is what this global destination came up with – Mohit Mittal on ISL (ISB Super League)

Conceptualized on the lines of IPL, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, introduced the maiden edition of Accenture presents ‘ISB’s Super League’ (ISL), which proved to be another exciting sporting extravaganza. ISL had sporting franchises (or teams) that were owned, managed and staffed by students, alumni, faculty & staff of the ISB community. ISB’s Super League (ISL) was inaugurated on October 20, 2010, presided over by Dean Ajit Rangnekar and India’s leading sports personality Pullela Gopichand.
This was a franchise model, where each franchise built its own team through player auction. The four teams-Hyderabad Hurricanes, The Park Titans, Hyderabad Nizams, and Raging Bulls were won in an auction based on real money- where students bid for teams. Each player was “sold” in a live auction based on virtual currency. The total bid value for the four teams came to Rs 6.30 lakhs. The winning team (Hyderabad Hurricanes) took home 60 percent of the prize money, which had been accrued from the bids. The runners-up (Park Titans) got 35 percent of the prize money. The balance five per cent went towards organizing the tournament which went on till the mid of January 2011.
This innovative idea was the brainchild of Mohit Mittal, ‘student life council Director of the Graduate Students Board’ along with G Visweswaran and Deepak Gopal Rao. Their team created the ISL Board with representation from CCA, Operations and each Franchise.
The ISL aimed to provide the ISB community and its sponsoring partners an opportunity to be involved in fun, sports and above all, the true ISB spirit of excellence. Student owners gained real expertise in sports management, a great opportunity to network with fellow students, faculty and alumni and a live experience in brand building and promotions. Also this initiative along with giving structure to sporting activities on campus provided the opportunity to gain complete sports management experience, team building, and better networking within the whole ISB community.
With more than 570 students, 3,000 plus alumni, staff and spouses all involved in this exercise, ISB witnessed an action packed three months of sporting events.
Teams vied with each other in nine sports (basket-ball, cricket, soccer, volleyball, water-polo, badminton, table-tennis, squash) to win the coveted “Best Franchise” trophy, along with whopping cash prizes.
The event was sponsored by Accenture and Red-bull. Further each franchise further raised their own team sponsorships as well. Each team had its own team logo and tag line. The sponsorship money was used to provide ISL merchandize, tees, player incentives etc.

• Students bid for four teams

• Auction based on real money

• The money part ends there

• Players sold in a live auction based on virtual currency

• Unimaginative names

• 570 students, 3000+ alumni, staff & spouses involved

• Everyone cheering their favourite team

• The ISL inaugurated on October 20, 2010

• end in January, 2011

Student Responses

1. Puneet Makkad - The ISL was revolutionary in more ways than one and is definitely something our batch will be remembered for. Not only did it open up the sports arena and bring in the healthy competition and excitement that any large successful sporting event brings with it, it also increased corporate interaction through sponsorships and got ISB national airtime in a prominent spot in the Times of India. The ISL was definitely one of the highlights of the year for many of us and I'm sure it can only grow in size and grandeur as the next batches take it forward and firmly engrain it in ISB's tradition. All in all - very exciting, adrenaline thumping and superbly managed! Hail ISL!

2. Rajiv Baheti - ISL idea – buyer groups – franchise auction – player auction – team video, slogan, punchline – inauguration – sponsor hunts – strategy formulation - competition – schedules – incentives - parties – finals. There was so much to experience and learn. I hope all active members enjoyed the journey. It’s time to give a well deserved farewell to ISL. So I would suggest that we organize party along with ISL closing ceremony. We can plan to invite some sport dignitary. Additionally each team can felicitate their players in the ceremony.

3. Venkatesh Channaraj (After winning the ISL trophy) - It has been a phenomenal 3 months of sporting activity at ISB to say the least. Right from getting the infrastructure created to scheduling the events in the face of various setbacks you guys pulled it off with great elegance. And I realize all this would not have been possible without a mature and reasonable franchisee owners, so my personal gratitude to each one of you. We definitely are very excited about clinching the ISL and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the neck and neck competition particularly with the formidable Titans. Personally, I was not able to cherish our victory as much as I wanted to given how equally deserving the Titans were. However, I am elated that we managed to thrill the spectators yesterday. Great show again!!

4. Santosh Kumar (Co-owner Titans- after losing the cricket final) - Mohit, Vish and Deepak were brilliant! The intensity and competitive spirit prevailed through every sport and every match in the league. We couldn’t have asked for a better finish than the one yesterday. It’s amazing how the championship came down to the last ball! The Hyderabad Hurricanes are deserving winners! Congrats, and enjoy!!!


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