The ISB Leadership Summit (ILS) is the flagship event of ISB’s Graduate Student Association (GSA). This Summit is held every year and provides students with the opportunity to interact with eminent business leaders. ILS hosts some of the boldest and most accomplished leaders from various industries for a series of engaging and challenging panel discussions on topics critically relevant to modern business leadership.

ILS 2011 coincides with ISB’s tenth anniversary celebrations. Spread over two days, the event will give participants and speakers a chance to engage, interact and network with one another. The summit is an ideal platform for today’s eminent leaders to meet and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

The ILS Core Team

Lead Coordinator: Kaumudi Goda
Marketing and Media Coordinators: Mohsin Mufti, Samyukta Ranganathan
Clubs Coordinators: Dheeraj Reddy, Prerna Munjal
Finance Coordinators: Srikanth Tirunagari, Sruthi Yalaka
Volunteer Coordinators: Bishwa Ranjan Roy, Indradeep Das
Logistics Coordinators: Raghavan Alevoor, Deepesh Hiran