Day 1 Keynote Panel: “India: At an Inflection Point” ISB Leadership Summit, celebrating the ISB decennial
Four leaders representing the new generation of India, talk about what the theme, “India: At an Inflection Point” means to them as they share their vision for India’s future across four sectors- Politics, Social Development, Finance and Media.
Deepender Hooda, Member Lok Sabha (Politics)
Rajyalakshmi Rao (Social Development)
Neeraj Bharadwaj, MD, Accel Partners, India
Tuhin Sen - Lead Strategist, Global Development Network

Day 2 Keynote Panel: "Catalysts of Change: Perspectives on initiating change and revolutionizing India."

Perspective One: “Leading From the Front: Balancing India’s Environmental and Security Challenges and the Road Ahead.” by Air Marshal A.K. Singh.
Perspective Two: "Outside In: The New Brigade" by Ishan Manaktala
Perspective Three:India and the World: Strategic Challenges faced by a Rising India” by Lieutenant General Randhir Kumar Mehta

“TECHNOLOGY 3.0 – Innovation, Inclusion & Disruption”

The objective of this session is to showcase platforms and processes that facilitate inclusion, reduce disruption and enable innovation in today’s businesses. New platforms have created value networks, which did not exist previously, and allowed for inclusion of not just large enterprises but also the smallest entrepreneurs. By highlighting success stories of organisations that have successfully made use of technology, we hope to inspire the audience to take the road less travelled.
Speakers: Arijit Sarkar, Bhavin Turakhia, Kirthiga Reddy, Srinivasan Chandrasekar

"The Role of Consulting in Supporting Inclusive Growth and Impactful Sustainability in India’s Growth Trajectory"

The Indian growth story has fascinated the world for almost two decades but now, it seems to be at an inflection point. While globalisation and opening up of the economy have created a lot of opportunities for the ever-expanding Indian population, we still seem to be struggling to meet our “Millennium Development“ goals. India has long been perceived as a land of extremes, where a select few have made gold while the majority have struggled to survive. Can sustained intervention from the leading consultants in the country drive a paradigm shift in the way growth is defined?
Today, consultants are helping the government, entrepreneurs and multinational organisations take a long-term sustained view on development. They are also helping these organisations take the right socioeconomic decisions, on which future development depends.

In our 10th year of hosting thought leaders from the industry, the Consulting Club invites consultants who are helping to redefine the future of India. Through our panel discussion, we aim to look at how the consulting profession is driving inclusive growth whilst sustaining India’s growth story.
Speakers: Pankaj Agrawal, Richard Rekhy, Shaurav Sen

“Bottom of the Pyramid ”

Markets are tumbling and governments are falling, with revolutions galore. India is going through wrenching a transformation of its polity. These uncertain times calls for growth that rests upon the forgotten, the weak, the unorganised but indispensable units of economic power, that build from the bottom up and put their faith once again in the forgotten man at the bottom of the pyramid. How India reaches out to these citizens, builds their skills, fulfils their aspirations, while living in this uncertain world will define this subcontinent and its prospects for decades to come. 
Speakers: A K Shiva Kumar, Srini Raju, Rohit Bansal

“The 2020 Energy Supply Mix: Sustaining India’s growth frontier through renewable energy”

In today’s carbon conscious world, the energy resource mix plays a very important role. As one of the largest emerging nations, India faces several risks and challenges in this space. Thus, renewable energy sources, with both their benefits and shortcomings, need to be addressed and evaluated. Through a panel of industry and subject matter experts, we hope to discuss these issues.
Speakers: Vikram Kailas, Sanjay Chakrabarti, Ravindra Utgika, Ninad D

“Corporate Governance and the Need for a Better Financial System in India”

Indian enterprises have been grappling with the issue of good corporate governance, long before the present global financial crisis made headlines. Corporate governance and a more efficient financial system enable transparency, which is pivotal for India in the coming years, especially, as the country aims to accelerate its economic growth.
Speakers: Usha Narayanan, Murali Talasila, Anay P Khare

"The Next Leap : The Next Big Driving Force After the IT and IT Services Sector"

The IT/ITeS industry has positioned India firmly on the global map. But what will be the next sector that enhances India’s stature in the international business scenario?

The ISB General Management Club presents a panel discussion where India’s corporate leaders from different sectors such as Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Financial Services discuss the next major sector of growth. The discussion will also try to address the major factors including infrastructure, talent pool and government policies that could make or break the growth of these sectors.
Speakers: R Mukundan, Ramesh Srinivas, Subu D Subramanian, Tulsi Naidu

“The Changing Face of Indian Healthcare”

The Indian healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Over the last 20 years, the Indian healthcare system has made huge progress. However, today, we stand at an inflection point, where we not only need to maintain this rate of growth but also need to make healthcare more inclusive, accessible and affordable to the citizens of our country. Through this panel discussion, we attempt to reflect upon where we stand and the obstacles we face as a nation to achieve affordable and quality healthcare for all.
Speakers: Daljit Singh, Anurag Mairal, A K Shiva Kumar, K G Ananthakrishnan, Milind Shah

“Made in India: Taking Home Grown Brands to the World”

Over the last decade, the world has awakened to the power of brand India. The corporate world has witnessed the success stories of Indians, including Indra Nooyi, Lakshmi N Mittal and Vikram Pandit. The global media has recognised how India has transformed from a struggling economy to a surging economic powerhouse. Now, as India stands at an inflection point, we ask where Indian brands stand in the global arena.

With leading brands from India such as PepsiCo’s “Kurkure,” Taj Hotel’s “Vivanta,” Tata Beverages’ “Himalaya” water and ITC’s “Kitchens of India” taking their magic abroad, we propose to explore and understand the challenges that lie ahead for Indian brands. From a marketing standpoint, this will help students understand business innovation, strategic partnership, and the creation of cross-cultural brand architecture and identities.
Speakers: Ashutosh Tiwari, Bharat Bambawale

"Monetizing Creativity"

Creativity refers to the phenomenon of coming up with something new that is valuable. It is this creation of “something new” that is at the root of all major inflection points in life and business. However, in most educational institutions, creativity is treated as an “extracurricular” activity and far from being enforced, it is almost discouraged in order to make room for science and conformism.

The Media and Entertainment Club, in conjunction with the Theatre, Dance, Art, and Music Clubs, seeks to direct your attention to creativity in business and the business of being creative. With the overarching theme being “Monetizing Creativity,” we will bring to you speaker sessions, interactive installations, and competitions that allow you to explore the world of business in a slightly different light.
Speakers: Sujata Keshavan Guha, Ananda Shankar Jayant, Vijay Nair

“Successful Execution: Sustainable Drivers”

In the past decade, India has achieved excellent growth in the infrastructure sector due to strong leadership and professionalisation of several companies in this industry. The discussion aims to highlight the challenges that the infrastructure and real estate industries face in the next generation and the capabilities that need to be developed in order to meet the future challenges. The panel, featuring eminent business and thought leaders from the industry, has been carefully selected to provide a holistic and multifaceted view of the topic.
Speakers: Anumolu Ramakrishna, Sameer Vyas, Manikkan Sangameswaran, Rati Ranjan Mandal

“Modern Retail”

Indian retail has evolved into one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries in the country. The shopping format and buying behaviours of consumers have changed, thus redefining the entire shopping experience in India. Modern retailing has entered the Indian market in the form of bustling shopping centres and multi-story malls that offer shopping, entertainment and food – all under one roof. This fast growth and huge potential have opened up several entrepreneurial opportunities and introduced several new players in the sector. At an inflection point today, India requires structured growth in this sector, a profitable business model and leading entrepreneurs who can take the industry forward – from local kirana stores to the modern superstore.
Speakers: R Sriram, Ajay Kaul, V Rajesh, Harish Bahl, Suhas Tuljapurkar

“The Role and Significance of Higher Education in Contributing to the India Growth Story”

Today, India is one of the fastest growing economies across the globe. However, are we prepared to capitalise on the opportunities that lie ahead of us? Does India have a higher education system that will be able to sustain this growth and contribute to it?

This panel will focus on the importance of higher education in driving India’s economic growth. It is an effort to bring forth different perspectives on the matter, stemming from the varied backgrounds and experiences of each of our speakers. The discussion will draw attention to the current state of higher education in the country and compare it to that of the developed countries. The speakers will highlight the various efforts that the private and public sectors have made to improve the system, the opportunities that are available to strengthen the system further, the various challenges that exist and what we can do as a country to address these challenges.
Speakers: Indu Shahani, Shalini Sarin, Divya Ramachandran, Pronab Sen

“‘Kolaveri Di’ and Learnings for a Smart Enterprise”
In less than a week ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’, a song sung by Dhanush for his movie ‘3’, became a sensational and conversational track on Twitter, Facebook, traditional media and beyond, across the globe. The current topic tries to analyze this phenomenon and to understand what went into pushing this over the tipping point and how Smart Enterprises of the future can learn and formalize these techniques/trends which are on the bleeding edge to capitalize and build their own brand to increase their profitability and longevity.
Speakers: Pal Natarajan, Pradeep Saroop, Raghavan Madabhushi, Satish Mallavolu

Nitin Gupta is a Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay famous for creating a cult play “LOVE IN DECEMBER”.

Fresh out of campus, he got an offer to perform on Laughter Challenge, the opportunity which he later turned down! The reason is a simple mission. He founded Entertainment Engineers to make stand-up comedy respectable in India and to create a humor renaissance in this country. Humor, he says, ought to have an emotionality to it. We not only want people to laugh and think; we want them to LAUGH, THINK and FEEL at the same time. Television was not the medium to do that. So Nitin took to the Stage, College Festivals, and Corporate Shows. And in a short span he has already enthralled the audiences in some of the Biggest College Festivals in India at IITs, NITs, IIMs, their Alumni Meets, and at various Fortune 500 companies.

Nitin is a Guest Speaker at various E-Cell Platforms and Marketing Conclaves. A TED favorite, He is widely considered as the most original orators and stand-up comedians of present times.