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ITC Limited – One of India’s most valuable corporations
ITC is one of India's foremost private sector companies and a diversified conglomerate with interests in FMCG, Hotels, Paperboards and Packaging, Agri Business and Information Technology. With a market capitalisation of nearly US$ 33 billion and a turnover of US$ 7 billion, ITC has been rated among the World's Best Big Companies and the World's Most Reputable Companies by Forbes magazine, and among India's Most Valuable Companies by Business Today. It has been ranked as the world’s sixth largest 'sustainable value creator' among consumer goods companies globally, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

However, of even greater significance are ITC’s consistent efforts towards contributing to the building of a secure, sustainable and inclusive future for India, by focusing on its contribution to this Triple Bottom Line objective of building economic, environmental and social capital. ITC is the only enterprise in the world, of comparable size to be carbon-positive (6 years in a row), sequestering twice the amount of carbon it emits; water-positive (9 consecutive years), creating 2 times more rainwater harvesting potential than that consumed by the group; and is solid waste recycling positive (for the last 4 years). ITC’s businesses help in generating more than 5 million livelihoods across value chains that touch the lives of many who live at the margin in rural India.

ITC’s businesses command leadership positions in various industry sectors and include a diversified FMCG portfolio (branded packaged foods, personal care products, lifestyle apparel, education and stationery products, agarbattis and matches), India’s second largest Hospitality chain where all the premium luxury hotels are LEED Platinum certified, the country’s largest, technologically advanced and most eco-friendly, paper and paperboards business and is one of India's leading corporates in the agricultural sector. The company’s information technology business, provides domain specific IT solutions and services to leading global customers.

ITC takes pride in its 100 year legacy of sustained effort, unmatched commitment to growth, and unshakable belief in delivering differentiated value and services.

Bodhtree Consulting Ltd
Since its inception in 1999, Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, an ISO 9001:2008 Organization, has grown to be known as a Global provider of IT consulting, Solutions and Niche services, It has sales offices and dedicated software development centers across India, USA, UK, Middle East and APAC regions. Bodhtree’s focus areas are Enter¬prise Solutions, Cloud Services, Mobility Services, Analytics and Product Engineer¬ing. Bodhtree has niche strengths in building and managing a Business Oriented IT environment with rich experience in advanced product engineering services to Cloud strategy and enablement to global customers. We use our expertise to deliver world-class technology solutions across multiple industries and hold leadership positions in the domains of Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Hi-Tech, Financial Services, Engineering, Travel, Education, Government, Defense, Retail, Telecommunication, Digital Media and Publishing. At Bodhtree, we believe in shifting our business paradigms to suit the nature of clients’ expectations and this has enabled our technology expertise to include Web services, Package Implementation, Identity Management, Lifecycle management, Business process re-engineering, Testing and Compliance, Infrastructure Management and Strategic Consulting.

Bodhtree presently have long term engagements with Global organizations in Data cleansing and Data management, Product engineering, Business intelligence, quality assurance services and Product development outsourcing, SOA, CRM Consulting, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Share point, and managed testing services executed on “Rightshore” model approach. Bodhtree’s Center of excellence (CoE) focuses on extending competency in the areas of SaaS and cloud computing.

For over a decade, Bodhtree has been the innovation partner of choice for various organizations around the world, ranging from large Fortune 500 and Forbes listed companies to start-ups. Bodhtree is a publicly listed company and has investments and interests in other niche business areas including e-publishing, e-learning and mobile classified search. Bodhtree has been awarded “Premier 100 IT companies in India” and “Top 5 Cloud player” by ChannelWorld owned by IDG.